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I'm looking at the external database feature - great idea, and very nice that it's present in foodsoft. Some questions come to mind regarding this:
  • is it an idea to move it to the foodcoops organisation?
  • is this equal to foodsoft's supplier+article database? plus
    • the option to restrict access to certain suppliers
    • an automatic update option (seeing ftp support)
    • ability to upload multiple file formats (something I started on in foodsoft itself)
  • could I use foodsoft itself to manage shared lists?
    • would bring in features like e.g. ajax popup edit dialog
    • would miss some features
    • would it make sense to add those to foodsoft in a clean way so that we have one app?
  • is the reason for the "new article" dialog at article import in foodsoft there primarily because a category needs to be set?
    • we're thinking of adding standardised categories to sharedlists, and have some sort of category mapping function at product import
  • the external database synchronise function currently has broken i18n - which I've fixed in the i18n branch (this currently affects

These were my thoughts. If you're knowledgeable or interested in this please share your thoughts.

- Willem