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Hi everyone,

The transition has been done! Perhaps we'll still find a foodcoop who
forgot that it wants to migrate. Benni offers to migrate the domain as
well. Where will we put it? Perhaps Sense.Lab would like to own the domain?
Regarding mails, I'd suggest that we put some static forwards in place,
preferably not handled by the server so that we can be contacted in case
of server downtime. support@ can go to the support mailing-list, info@
foodsoft@ can go to the same place, or could go to whoever is interested
in 'general' mails (would make sense to create a foodcoops-team or
foodcoops-contact mailing-list at systemausfall). Other mails could be
forwarded to our host when an email server is setup, so that we can
handle incoming messages and such.

What do you think?

- Willem

On 15-03-18 13:27, benni wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> do you already have talked about the domain registration and/or
> maintenance of email? I don't see any reason, why I should keep the
> domain and email inbox any longer.
> Best,
> benni

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Re: domain and email

Hi Willem, sounds all reasonable to me.