Release schedule for Foodsoft 4.1

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Release schedule for Foodsoft 4.1

Hi everyone,

It's about time for a new release. A lot of bugs have been solved, and new features have landed. But, since this will be the first production-ready release using Rails 4, we'll need a lot of testing. So please join us in week 25 (June 17-23) to help with testing and translating. (Note: I'm not using Rails 4 in production yet because I'm using a branch that isn't migrated yet.)

Current release planning:
  Tue 17 Jun - freeze, bugs closed; start translation and testing
  Mon 23 Jun - translation & testing done
  Tue 24 Jun - release

And if, in the meantime, you'd like to play around (test) the new version, you can do so at (*)

- Willem

(*) This instance fetches new translations on each request, so it might not feel as fast as you're used to.

Milestone 4.1 -
Release notes in progress -