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Dear Henning,

Changing the number of next dates to 16 should not be too hard. I'd like to add it as a configurable option in the configuration screen (new in Foodsoft 4.2.0).
At the moment, I don't really have much time to do Foodsoft development; neither have I touched much of the tasks code. But perhaps I'll find some time somewhere this year.
To keep track of this, I've opened an issue at Please feel free to add comments there as well.

- Willem

On wo, 2014-11-05 at 21:18 +0100, [hidden email] wrote:

I am a member of the foodcoop schinke09 in Berlin. I´m writing
you because we would like to change the number of dates
which are displayed under the several group-tasks (account, sorting et cetera).

Because Benni said i should ask you for support in that concern I will try
to describe our goal below.

It would be perfect for our coop if the group-tasks would pop up quarterly at the beginnig
of the last month of the previous quater (for example the tasks for april, may and june
at the beginnig of march).

But because I think this would be a bigger amount of work I was wondering
whether it is possible to enlarge the displayed number of dates.
Would it be possible to see the next 16 dates - instead of 7 - for each group-task?
If it is less work to display a bigger number of dates we would be happy about that solution as well.

As I understood Benni, we can´t change the number of dates which are displayed on our own? Is that right?
And if not would it be possible for you to programm our ideal version or to enlarge the number of dates?
And could you do it until the begining of december?

Hope I could explain my concern.
Thank you for supporting us! (regardless of our request)

Best wishes,