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Hi Melinda,


It's true, some words or phrases are coming up two or more times. I
guess most of this is something to improve (we're working on it [1]),
some part of this is inherent in software translation as seemlingly the
same term in different screens can have different translations.

If you have any questions or wonderings, please do ask. Also the English
translation isn't perfect everywhere. And please do feel free to come up
with something that works well in your language (vs. translating
literally) - words and phrases are a means to communicate clearly and
pleasantly, and are not an end in themselves.

- Willem

p.s. I'd like to move these discussions to the mailing-list
foodsoft-dev@ so that other translators can benefit from them too -

p.p.s. Would you still abbreviate "elérhető"?
activerecord.attributes.article.availability_short is used as an
abbreviated column header about as wide as a checkbox, with the title
activerecord.attributes.article.availability. This is not documented
yet, as it has been recently added.


On 10-11-13 18:18, M.K. wrote:
> Hi
> During I found the way to translate. But sometimes the same words
> coming up again. What is quite annoying. Is this a bug?
> Gr. M.