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Hi Erich,

Quite a journey! I'm curious to see how well Foodsoft might run on a raspberry pi.

It seems like your rails server is listening on localhost only, which means you can't reach it from anywhere else than your pi. You might try running

rails s -b

Regarding the directory, you may use anything you like. The way you're running it here uses Thin, a Ruby-based webserver, which you can run from anywhere.
This is great to develop Foodsoft, or to just try it out. When you'd start using it for real, it's recommended to use the production envirnoment and a front-facing webserver (*).
Hope this helps to get you going.

- Willem

(*)

On do, 2015-04-02 at 15:11 +0200, Erich wrote:
Hello Guys,

i spent the last 2 days to install ruby, rvm, bundler, blablabla... it was quite a lot and took so much time. Ruby is a new area for me, cause i'm from the old world "php". Finally i could get my foodsoft installed.

But now i'm stucking again:
  • I've installed ruby,... and foodsoft on a raspberry pi via ssh access.
  • The directory for the foodsoft is var/www/foodsoft -> is that usual for ruby apps?
  • Now i started the foodsoft application with the cmd "bundle exec rails s"... seems to have worked:
  • But i cant access it via my computer. in my browser replies me with "connection failed":
  • Even doesnt bringt the expected result

-> i have no idea how to access the running application on the raspberry from my external computer (in local home network)

It 'd be awesome if you can suggest me any action to get running the foodsoft for our local foodcoop.

Regards, Erich Eisfeld