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Re: Article relation diagrams, current and proposed [was: Re: Changing an article's unit for subdivision...]

Find attached some (updated) relationship diagrams:
  • foodsoft_article_relation_3 - current situation (let me know if I missed something)
  • foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_B - proposal to have changing a unit not mess up current orders
  • foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_C - proposal to include supplier's price in foodsoft (perhaps later, would be useful when the shared database becomes a web service)

These changes would allow to use a SharedArticle, Article and ArticlePrice interchangably when displaying unit and price information. It's probably handy to have a mixin for net/gross/fc computations.

Please let me know if you find something that's not correct. And, naturally, feedback on the design is welcome.

- Willem

p.s. Let me know if you think the attachments are too large, then I could upload them somewhere. I like them in the mailing archive, though.

On 14-02-14 18:06, [hidden email] wrote:

I'm rethinking the subdivision approach, and I'd like to give you the
opportunity to be involved in the process (disclaimer: I'm not finished
in the thinking process). Please find attached a partial relationship
diagram showing how suppliers, articles and orders are related.

Goal is to improve a foodcoop distributing in different units than what
the supplier provides (e.g. foodcoop distributes per liter, supplier
provides juice per 10 packs of 15ltr). Currently this can be done by
adapting the unit, then on next sharedlists sync the price and
unit_quantity is updated.

- Willem

p.s. the xml files are for use with

p.p.s. the Draper approach almost worked, but became too complicated
with the decorated associations that were needed.

foodsoft_article_relation_3.pdf (287K) Download Attachment
foodsoft_article_relation_3.xml (2K) Download Attachment
foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_B.pdf (845K) Download Attachment
foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_B.xml (5K) Download Attachment
foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_C.pdf (926K) Download Attachment
foodsoft_article_relation_proposed_C.xml (5K) Download Attachment