Preparing foodsoft 3.3.0 & 4.0

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Preparing foodsoft 3.3.0 & 4.0

Hi everyone!

With all the changes in the past two months, it's time for a new foodsoft release. So if you have some changes you'd like merge, now is the time to do so. For an idea of what's changed, see the Release notes wiki page.

Migration to Rails 4 (#214) is almost complete, I propose to simultaneously release 3.3 and 4.0. If all goes well, that means that future releases will be using Rails 4.

Proposed timeline:
  • Fr 14 Feb - Freeze master, no big changes anymore.
    • Localeapp up-to-date.
    • Rails 4 branch tested by at least two others.
    • Rails 4 branch tested in production environment, also with mod_passenger.
  • Fr 21 Feb - Translations and testing done.
  • Tue 25 Feb - Release 3.3.0!
  • Wed 26 Feb - Release 4.0!

If you can help with translations and testing between 14-21 Feb, please respond.

- Willem

p.s. I've been running Foodsoft on Ruby 2.0 in production for some weeks now, without a problem. Certainly improved performance.