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Move of translation platform



We've been using localeapp for years to translate Foodsoft. It's been great, but better solutions have surfaced, in my opinion.
I've experimented with Crowdin and it seems to work well. Benefits:
- allow moving plugin translations back to their own files (instead of merging them all in the top-level app locale files)
- editing translations from within Foodsoft (in-context, see also
- keeps edited translations synced in a separate branch of the repository (less maintenance hassle)
- translation memory, glossary, discussion, possibility for workflows

There's one pending issue, which I've contacted them about:
- currently PRs are sometimes generated automatically, which isn't a workflow that I would see working well for us (with quite a number of unfinished languages)

There are surely other platforms that would work as well, but if the issue above is solved and there are no objections, I'd like to move here (because setup is mostly done already).

- Willem