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Just merged: configuration screen

Hi all,

I've just merged a new feature that has been a longstanding wish (5 years, #24): a configuration screen. With this you can update your foodcoops details (name, address, website; margin, default vat, etc.) yourself, as well as enable/disable features like the wiki and messaging system. Includes new currency (#258) and timezone (#282) settings.
Go to Administration > Configuration, you can see it in action at https://foodsoft-translation.herokuapp.com/ and will be part of the following release of Foodsoft, 4.2, which I hope to release in a couple of weeks.

- Willem

p.s. if you find anything unusual, please post it on the mailing-list or open an issue

p.p.s. feel free to start translating the new strings to German and French at http://www.localeapp.com/projects/4867