Foodsoft update to 3.4.0-adam

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Foodsoft update to 3.4.0-adam

Dear Foodsoft users in Amsterdam,

Today version 3.4.0-adam of the foodcoop-adam version of Foodsoft was deployed on the server we're using in Amsterdam (and some outside). That means you have access to these versions for your food cooperative from tonight onwards.

There are two changes you may notice:
  • There's a new button in the member ordering screen to show articles ordered by all members. This may help in filling any remaining boxes.
  • Generating large PDFs can be a lot faster in some cases.

Also, the shared database received weekly updates from De Nieuwe Band again, in case your group is using that.

On another note, two other groups outside of Amsterdam are trying out if Foodsoft on the current shared server is useful to them. I've given them access, and if over the course of time it is useful to them, I'll ask if they're able to share in our server costs (given that it doesn't interfere with other foodcoops). I suppose this is ok for everyone, but if you have other ideas, please respond to me privately.

I hope this new release will be an improvement for all. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or observations.

Kind regards,
- Willem

p.s. As Wednesday is a pickup day for some coops, I try to avoid Tuesday-evening upgrades. But since the changes are small (and worked out well last order cycle at Vokomokum, which runs the new version for a while), I don't expect any problems. If there are, please let me know, and I'll revert the changes. I'll keep an eye on my email tomorrow.