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Foodsoft - current state of affairs

Hello everyone,

In this first message I'd like to welcome you all who will be
subscribing, and explain a little about the current status of foodsoft.

As you may know, foodsoft is a software package for running a non-profit
food cooperative. It was developed in Germany and is being used by a
number of cooperatives [3]. Benjamin Meichsner has been a driving force
behind the development, as well as a number of others.

In the past months, a new food cooperative in Amsterdam (The
Netherlands) has started to use foodsoft, and they are gathering
developers to make it suitable for their needs. This means working on
usability, adding features, and fixing bugs. They hope to bring in a
number of new developers to the team, and add features that are useful
to others as well.

The original source code repository is at [1]. To improve the
collaboration, we are now working together at [2]. Let's see what we can
do to make running a food coop even better!

Also, some mailing-lists were created to facilitate communication [4].
Please feel free to share your ideas, problems and thoughts, and/or

- Willem

p.s. Cross-posting a message on multiple lists can be annoying to people
subscribed to more than one list; for this first message I've taken the
liberty of the exception to the rule.

p.p.s. If any of the other developers wants to add something, please do
so on -discuss and/or -dev!