Foodsoft 4.7.0 released

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Foodsoft 4.7.0 released



After a long long time, a new version of Foodsoft, 4.7.0, has been released! Foodsoft is online software for running a non-profit foodcoop (a collective do-it-yourself supermarket) with a product catalog, order cycle, accounting and tasks.

There have been many fixes and improvements. CSV download for ordergroups and articles, reverting financial transactions, transport costs, support for bank accounts, a polls plugin, a remote printer plugin, and much more - see the changelog for more details. There is also the introduction of financial transaction classes for keeping track of different kind of costs, and the beginnings of a REST API, which will allow external apps to work with Foodsoft.

Many thanks go to all who contributed to this release, with code or otherwise. @paroga has been the driver of many contributions small and large. Welcome to 'new' contributor @carchrae. Also welcome to first-timers @mamhoff, @haraldreingruber, @rolfschr, @mortbauer, @MatCast and @Herst - we hope some of you stick around.

If you need help upgrading your instance, or other support, please contact the foodsoft-discuss mailing-list.
I hope you all will enjoy the new release.

- Willem

foodsoft-discuss | github | |

p.s. Please feel free to share this announcement to others who might be interested!