Foodsoft 4.6.0 released

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Foodsoft 4.6.0 released


Dear Foodsoft users and providers,

I'm happy to announce that Foodsoft 4.6.0 has been released. Foodsoft is online software for running a non-profit foodcoop (a collective do-it-yourself supermarket) with a product catalog, order cycles, accounting, tasks and more.

There have been many changes. Some of the larger ones are:

  • Foodsoft can now be used in the Spanish language (thanks to @acracia in #525).
  • The possibility to automatically close orders, including sending the order PDF by mail (#488, #495, #515).
  • A new view for showing unpaid invoices (#520).
  • A plugin for integration with Discourse forum software (#478, #502).
  • Custom fields for users, suppliers, ordergroups and invoices (#516).
  • Many other fixes and improvements, please read more in the changelog.

If you are running Foodsoft yourself, it is important to note the following:

  • Because of popular demand, Capistrano has been superseded by Docker (#449, #491). This means there is now an official, production-grade Docker image. (*)
  • The license has changed from GPL to AGPL (#496). If you are running a modified version of Foodsoft, from this version on, you need to put your changes online. Read more here.

Many thanks to all developers (@paroga really deserves a special mention here), translators, testers and everyone who have contributed to this release.

Best regards,
- Willem

github | |

(*) The development team couldn't guarantee the Capistrano setup to be working anymore. If you would still like to (continue to) use it, you're welcome to submit a (tested) PR.