Foodsoft 4.3.0 released

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Foodsoft 4.3.0 released


Just in time for 2014, Foodsoft 4.3.0 was released today. Foodsoft is online software for running a non-profit foodcoop (a collective do-it-yourself supermarket) with a product catalog, order cycle, accounting and tasks.

What's new?
  • Admins can login as a different user ("sudo")
  • Cleanup of how groups as shown in the profile screen
  • Members can now edit their ordergroup's address in the profile screen
  • A foodcoop can specify an order schedule to help setting the closing date
  • The number of weekly tasks shown upfront can be configured
and some other small changes and fixes, read more in the changelog. You can download this version here.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this release, including Marc for finishing the German translation.

Happy new year's eve!
- Willem

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